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Affordable Group Health Insurance- A Smart Decision

There are many different factors that go into making a smart Group Health Insurance decision. There are two ways to ensure that you make the right decision: Ask the right questions and be sure to get the right answers from an experienced healthcare broker about the various plans available.

Questions that you ask may be:

  • What options are available to my employees?
  • What is the difference between Traditional, High Deductible HSA, PPO, and HMO plans?
  • What annual deductible options are available?
  • What are the annual maximum “out-of-pocket” costs?
  • What is the difference between coinsurance and co-payment?

MillerWade can put their expertise to work for you. After analyzing your specific needs and objectives, we will help you determine which carrier(s) should be considered. For example, the county you live in will make a difference in which plan might be best for you. That is why we request proposals from all the major health insurance providers to obtain the most competitive and affordable bids for you to consider.

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