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Considering rising healthcare costs, the need for affordable health insurance is mandatory in today’s economy. If you are not insured, prolonged illness or injury can easily leave you bankrupt. Although increasing insurance costs may deter you from having adequate medical insurance coverage, there are affordable medical and health insurance plans available for you and your family. The experts at MillerWade can provide you with free quotes for affordable medical and health insurance in minutes.

To minimize insurance coverage costs, you need to understand the factors that make up the total cost of your health insurance policy. The total cost of a health insurance plan largely depends upon premiums and deductibles. The amount of premium you pay depends on the plan you choose.

  • The premium for a short term insurance plan will be lower than that of a long term insurance.
  • Existence of pre-existing health conditions are likely to increase premiums.
  • Premiums would be higher if you are above 35 years of age.

Recent studies have shown insurance premiums in America are increasing persistently every year. The rate at which medical insurance premiums are increasing is faster than the rate at which incomes are rising. This is a primary reason for rise in number of uninsured Americans. There are ways to reduce high premiums. For example, a higher deductible lowers the amount of premium to a large extent. Further, setting up Health Saving Account offers a simple solution to offset rising health care costs and high deductible plans.

With a tax free DirectAccess Health Savings Account you can pay for your current health care expenses easily and also save for future medical expenses. Health Saving Accounts are highly beneficial for the self employed and small business owners. Any individual or family, covered by a qualified high deductible is eligible to create the Health Savings Account.

Why struggle with rising healthcare costs when Millerwade provides you easy solutions like a DirectAccess Health Saving Account? DirectAccess can help you to lower the high deductible costs for healthcare services. With a DirectAccess Health Saving Account you can save money on doctor visits, dental care, medical supplies, chiropractic treatment, prescription drugs, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Take advantage of DirectAccess Solutions and start saving on your healthcare expenses today.

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