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hr benefits 24-7 software tool

Miller Wade HR Benefits

Miller & Wade Insurance Agency now offers customers a human resource software tool that allows HR managers to get up-to-date information regarding plan options, benefit summaries, forms, provider searches and HR compliance/regulatory issues. In addition, employees can access benefit summaries, forms and provider searches. This simple tool also helps manage other key employee information and streamlines the human resource management function.

How Can the Miller & Wade HR Benefits 24-7 Software Tool help you?

  • If you or your administrative team struggles daily to keep up with employment policies and laws, you’ll benefit from the extensive information and tips.
  • Built on the latest technologies, HR Benefits 24-7 helps eliminate traditional office paper trails and allows a convenient portal to manage critical information.
  • Simplify communication process and streamline enrollment/disenrollment process.
  • Reduce the burden of an on-site HR staff, which can result in lower overhead costs or offset the increasing cost of employee benefits.
  • Decrease the potential risk of fines that may result in non-comp lance to regulatory laws.

For Employees

Be the expert in your organization and stay on top of current HR and employment compliance and regulatory issues.

Miller & Wade Insurance Agency

Miller & Wade Insurance Agency began in 1988, with primary offices in Provo, Utah. Today, with offices statewide, we are one of Utah’s largest insurance providers. In fact, Utah Business Magazine annually ranks Miller & Wade as one of the elite companies in the Employee Group Benefit category.

Our employee benefit solutions go above and beyond customary insurance packages, and make significant differences in the lives of employees – while controlling costs for employers. As part of that cost control measure and through unique relationships, Miller & Wade is a front runner in Health Savings Account (HSA) options. As insurance carriers deliver insurance options, know that Miller & Wade is already there to serve your needs.

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